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FreeNAS comes with a lot of built in user accounts and you can add your own. If you create a user with the same username and password that you use on your computer you will automatically log into Windows shares. You can also create accounts for services inside jails to have permissions to files on FreeNAS.

Add a User

To add a new user go to Account -> Users -> Add User.

FreeNAS Add User

Accept the default User ID unless you have a reason to change it. If you want a user within a jail to work with FreeNAS the ID in the jail will need to match this ID.

Enter the username you want in the Username box.

If you leave the Create a new primary group for the user box checked a group with the same name and ID will be created for this user.

If you aren’t creating a primary group for the user you will need to select one of the existing groups from the Primary Group box.

Pick a Home Directory for the user if you want one.

If a user is being created for a user who shouldn’t be logging in via ssh or service change the Shell to nologin. Otherwise pick the shell that you like best.

Full Name needs something in there. If you are creating a service it nice to give the name of the service and what it does. Eg: MySQL Database Server

The E-mail is optional.

Enter the user’s password in the Password and Password confirmation boxes. For services you can leave the password blank.

If you are creating a service or a user that won’t be logging in with SSH check the Disable password login. This is good to turn on for user accounts that have passwords to be used with shares but you don’t want logging in to the server with SSH.

If your user is going to log in with a SSH key paste their public key into the SSH Public Key box.

If you want to temporally disable a user check the Lock user box.

You can add a user to more groups by selecting them and then clicking the >> button between the Available and Selected boxes. The equivalent to the root group on Linux or the administrators group on Windows would be the wheel group.

Click OK to add the user.

FreeNAS Add User Settings

Edit a User

Go to Account -> Users -> View Users.

FreeNAS View Users

Click on the user you want to edit and then click on the Edit button at the bottom.


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